Development of an Efficient Method for Computing the Green's Functions of Large-Scale Electronic Systems ~ A Steady Step Toward the Application of Quantum Computers to Strongly-Correlated Electrons ~

QunaSys, in joint research with Fujitsu, has developed a method to efficiently compute "Green’s functions" in large-scale electronic systems using quantum computers. This research result is a steady step toward the realistic application of quantum computers to materials science. The computation of large-scale quantum many-body systems is one of the most promising areas where quantum computers can realize the computational speedup over classical computers.


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QunaSys releases QURI, quantum chemistry calculation cloud service

QunaSys releases its quantum chemistry calculation cloud service QURI on 18 July 2023. QURI is a web application that allows users to easily perform quantum chemical calculations using quantum algorithms. Traditionally, running complex quantum algorithms required programming expertise, but QURI allows users to run complex quantum algorithms through an intuitive interface simply by connecting to the internet. No computational resources are required - just log in and you're ready to go: using QURI will deepen your understanding of the features of quantum algorithms.


Press Releases