QunaSys Releases New Corporate Logo

QunaSys announces the renewal of its corporate logo effective April 1, 2024

New Corporate Logo:

QunaSys has been developing algorithms and software to maximize the power of quantum computers since its foundation in 2018. As the quantum computing industry is entering a new era, QunaSys is also entering a new stage of growth, which the new logo represents. The logo still reflects QunaSys’s mission to maximize the power of quantum computers, while contributing to business and industry transformation through collaborations with diverse partners. 

“Under the slogan ‘We are Quantum Native.’, we are dedicated to nurturing a new generation of 'quantum native' talents. We are not just participating in the quantum computing industry—together with our esteemed partners and valued customers, we are shaping the industry, driving innovation, and paving the way for a future where quantum technology unlocks unimaginable possibilities. Our new corporate logo symbolizes this journey and our promise to be at the forefront, leading the charge into a quantum future,” says Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys.

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Category: News
Year: 2024