Erik Stangerup named new Head of QunaSys in Europe

QunaSys Inc., a leading innovator in quantum computing technology, is appointing Erik H. Stangerup as the new Head of European Business and CEO of QunaSys Denmark ApS. Elena Yndurain, who led the launch of the European business, will remain as the company’s Executive Advisor.

With a career spanning executive leadership positions at IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hitachi and several companies in the semiconductor and IT domains, Erik's appointment marks a significant milestone in QunaSys’s journey towards becoming a leading player in the international quantum computing software market. Under Erik’s leadership, QunaSys aims to leverage its robust track record in the chemical industry, where it has successfully executed numerous joint research projects and participated in government-funded initiatives, to grow its business internationally. This rich heritage of collaboration and innovation positions us uniquely to advance the frontiers of quantum computing software on a global scale.

In 2023, we took a strategic step towards expanding our presence in the European market by opening our first subsidiary in Copenhagen, Denmark. Located in the  DeepTech Lab - Quantum at the BioInnovation Institute (BII), the heart of the vibrant quantum ecosystem, this office serves as a central hub for our European operations and a beacon for fostering innovation within the quantum computing sphere. Further solidifying our commitment to the region, we recently became a proud member of the Danish Quantum Community. This affiliation not only aligns with our strategic goals but also enhances our capabilities to build and nurture meaningful partnerships across Denmark and beyond.

“First of all I’m incredibly happy to be joining the QunaSys team! With backing from global tech giants, QunaSys is truly at the forefront of Quantum software and algorithm development. At QunaSys, we are not just developing software; we are shaping the future of technology to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.I will be focused on working with the QunaSys team to bring our expertise and innovative solutions to businesses and organizations world-wide,” says Erik H. Stangerup.

Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys expressed enthusiasm about Erik’s leadership, stating: "Erik’s immense experience, profound industry knowledge, and dynamic leadership are exactly what we need to cement ourselves in the international quantum computing space. With Erik at the helm of QunaSys in Europe, we are confident that we can forge strong partnerships and continue on our mission to maximize the power of quantum computing."

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Year: 2024