PsiQuantum and QunaSys Partner to Advance Industrial Chemistry and Materials Science through Quantum Computing

PsiQuantum and QunaSys, Inc. ("QunaSys") today announced a joint research project to assess the power of fault-tolerant quantum computing for industrial chemistry calculations aimed at accelerating the development of sustainable materials. JSR Corporation ("JSR") of Japan joined the project as an alpha customer and will evaluate quantum computing for advancements in the manufacture of photoresists, elastomers, plastics, and reagents.


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QunaSys Accelerates Quantum Computing Tests for Chemistry Calculations

QunaSys, Inc. ("QunaSys"), the world's leading developer of innovative algorithms in chemistry, announced the launch of the Cloud version of its Quantum Computation Platform "Qamuy™" in an event for 60+ participants from QPARC chemistry industry consortium for practical research applications supported by Amazon Web Services Japan ("AWS").


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QunaSys Joins the Pistoia Alliance

QunaSys, Inc., a quantum technologies company with a particular focus on algorithm and software development led by TenninYan, has joined the Pistoia Alliance, a global non-profit alliance and an advocate for open innovation in the life sciences. Hereafter, QunaSys and the Pistoia Alliance would closely cooperate to utilize quantum computational technology for an innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.


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