QunaSys Strengthens Collaboration with Xanadu to Contribute to the Development of Japan's Quantum Ecosystem

QunaSys, a leading Japanese quantum software development company, is strengthening its collaboration with Xanadu, the provider of the open-source quantum software “PennyLane” and world-leading Canadian photonic quantum computing company. The collaboration aims to accelerate research in quantum error correction and further develop Japan's quantum ecosystem.

QunaSys is dedicated to researching error correction architectures, focusing on developing innovative algorithms for quantum chemistry and CAE (computer-aided engineering), working with partner organizations to explore potential use cases. Xanadu's algorithms team also focuses on quantum chemistry as a near-term application for quantum computing. 

In previous collaborations, QunaSys provided support to Xanadu's QHack events and assisted with the creation of academic content materials. In this latest collaboration, QunaSys aims to nurture local quantum talent and support Xanadu's presence in the Japanese market.
Central to this partnership is the enhancement of quantum computing technology stacks, including software development and quantum error correction research, where the two companies will benefit from their combined expertise.
The partnership is expected to advance quantum research and provide universities in Japan with education and training resources, strengthening existing programs and creating new research opportunities.

Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys, commented, "We are confident that our combined expertise in quantum chemistry will shed a new light on this field. We also look forward to further enhancing Japan’s quantum software development through our collaboration with Xanadu."

About QunaSys
Founded in 2018 in Tokyo, Japan, QunaSys is a world-leading developer of innovative algorithms in quantum chemistry and CAE, focused on accelerating industry applications of quantum technology. QunaSys provides QURI™ & QURI-Parts™, the most powerful quantum chemical calculation cloud software, fosters development through the QPARC™ industry consortium, and collaborates with research institutions from academia, government, and industry to maximize the potential of quantum technology.  

About Xanadu
Xanadu is a Canadian quantum computing company with the mission to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere. Founded in 2016, Xanadu has become one of the world’s leading quantum hardware and software companies. The company also leads the development of PennyLane, an open-source software library for quantum computing and application development. 

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Year: 2024