QunaSys to participate in IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE21)

QunaSys Inc. is a sponsor of Quantum Week 2021 (Oct 17 - 21) the leading quantum computing event that bridges the gap between the science of quantum computing and the development of the surrounding industry.

QunaSys researchers are deeply engaged in the event with an exhibit booth, a hands-on tutorial, and a panel:

  • The tutorial will cover Quantum Chemistry simulation of practical applications and use industry recognized tools based on python that work over the major quantum computing platforms from IONQ, Google, IBM, and Microsoft amongst others. Participants will learn how to develop use cases of chemistry algorithms and benchmark their performance. Date: 2021/10/17 16:00-19:00 (MDT)
  • The panel discussion will be held by matter experts from chemical industry, academia, and research institutions discuss count with the presence of experts from QunaSys Inc., Toyota Central R&D Labs, HPC SYSTEMS Inc., and Osaka University that will share their experience on how to collaborate to drive quantum computing adoption in chemistry calculations and what is the current state of the art. Date: 2021/10/18 15:45-16:45 (MDT)

"Japan's technology ecosystem is actively advancing quantum computing. QunaSys is a key player in driving business, government, and academia collaboration to enable the quantum chemistry ecosystem and boost the adoption of this technology." – Tennin Yan, QunaSys Inc. CEO, and Hausi Müller, General Chair IEEE Quantum Week 2021 and Co-Chair IEEE Quantum Initiative.

"Companies are getting ready by learning the skills to develop and test quantum algorithms. Collaboration within an ecosystem and a multi-platform approach is key to expand use case proliferation that in turn advances the technology." – Tennin Yan, QunaSys Inc. CEO.

"As organizers, we are very pleased with the outstanding contributions from the international quantum community for IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE). We look forward to welcoming 800+ participants from 45+ countries and 220+ companies." – Hausi Müller.

Register now for the conference and learn how to maximize the power of quantum computing, understand the industry use cases potential and how to implement algorithms to solve chemistry related complex problems, please register here: 

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About QunaSys Inc.
QunaSys is the world's leading developer of innovative algorithms in chemistry focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology applicability. QunaSys enables maximization of the power of quantum computing through its advanced joint research that addresses cutting-edge technologies providing Qamuy™, the most powerful quantum chemical calculation cloud software; fostering development of collaboration through QPARC industry consortium; and working with research institutions from academia and government. QunaSys software runs on multiple technology platforms with applicability in all chemical related industries to boost quantum computing adoption.

About IEEE event 
IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE is actively contributing to the global R&D efforts to understand the power and promise of quantum computing. IEEE Quantum Week is bridging the gap between the science of quantum computing and the development of an industry surrounding it.


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Category: Press Releases
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