QunaSys launch of Quantum Practical Application Research Community (QPARC)

QunaSys Inc. proudly announces the launch of Quantum Practical Application Research Community (QPARC), under the support of both academic and industry players. The community aims to learn basic skills for quantum computing and explore the world’s first practical application in the field of quantum chemistry. We are now inviting industry members to excitedly participate in this big challenge.

 QPARC will first offer a series of lectures to learn the basics of quantum information and quantum chemistry on quantum computers, followed by workshop sessions to collaboratively discuss each topic of interest. Throughout the year, we also plan to offer several exciting opportunities, such as boot camp sessions by hardware vendors and joint research project among members to demonstrate an academically high-impact application.

■What QPARC offers

In 2020, we will offer two courses; Basic course and Advanced course (Each course is 3-month course)

 【Basic】We will provide lectures and programming exercises on quantum information and the basics of NISQ quantum computation.

【Advanced】The main focus is on quantum chemical calculations in material development, as well as workshops on computational methods such as excited state and energy differentiation and application search.

 ■What QPARC aims

Japan is one of the world's top competitive countries in the area of chemical/material development, which is considered to be the first promising application area of quantum computers. By aggregating all the wisdom and knowledge of the industry, QPARC aims to discover the world’s first practical applications of quantum computers from here in Japan.


Category: Press Releases
Category: Press Releases
Year: 2020