QunaSys Accelerates Quantum Computing Tests for Chemistry Calculations

QunaSys, Inc. ("QunaSys"), the world's leading developer of innovative algorithms in chemistry, announced the launch of the Cloud version of its Quantum Computation Platform "Qamuy™" in an event for 60+ participants from QPARC chemistry industry consortium for practical research applications supported by Amazon Web Services Japan ("AWS").

Developers performed chemical calculations over real quantum computers accessible through Amazon Braket, using Qamuy™ extensive ready to use algorithm library. 

The objective of computational quantum chemistry is to calculate physical properties, such as interactions, dynamics of molecules and reaction rates based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Qamuy™ provides an easy-to-use interface for chemistry experts to test quantum algorithms regardless of their quantum computing expertise. Qamuy™ is being used by chemistry corporations to search for new reaction pathways, which are critical to predicting chemical reactions, and to perform molecular dynamics calculations, which simulate the transient behavior of materials and chemicals.

"We are excited to announce Qamuy™ cloud version to allow anyone to access quantum computers and perform chemistry calculations" said Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys. "We believe we can advance real chemistry industrial use cases tests over existing quantum computers. Qamuy™ will gradually be accessible over the existing quantum computing platforms and QunaSys will continue to increase its algorithm library."

The application of quantum computing in chemistry relate industries is accelerating rapidly, driven by the opportunity the technology brings to design of novel materials based on the study of chemical reaction pathways and process control that can be applied to design novel drugs, catalyst materials and batteries.

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About QunaSys Inc.
QunaSys is the world's leading developer of innovative algorithms in chemistry focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology applicability. QunaSys enables maximization of the power of quantum computing through its advanced joint research that addresses cutting-edge technologies providing Qamuy™, the most powerful quantum chemical calculation cloud software; fostering development of collaboration through QPARC industry consortium; and working with research institutions from academia and government. QunaSys software runs on multiple technology platforms with applicability in all chemical related industries to boost quantum computing adoption.


Category: Press Releases
Category: Press Releases
Year: 2021