QunaSys Explores the Potential of Quantum Computing in Drug Discovery through Workshops

QunaSys Inc., a leading innovator in quantum computing technology, recently organized a series of collaborative workshops in partnership with Osaka University, Hiroshima City University, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and Yokogawa Electric Corporation, aimed at exploring the possibilities of leveraging quantum computing in the drug discovery process.
Each event brought together experts from both the industry and academia, gathering professionals with expertise in drug discovery and related processes. QunaSys led discussions on key challenges during the workshops, fostering a collaborative environment for addressing critical issues.
Key topics covered during the workshops included an examination of the essential role of computation in the drug discovery process and an assessment of the potential contributions and value that quantum computing could bring to the field. As well as looking at the potential benefits of using quantum technology, the participants explored the value of hybrid approaches that combine traditional classical computing with quantum technology from various perspectives.
Moreover, the workshops addressed the challenges of integrating these methods at different stages of the research and development process. Participants discussed how these quantum technologies could be introduced and integrated into various phases of the drug discovery process.
QunaSys envisions accelerating research and development in the field of drug discovery and other industries by harnessing the substantial value that quantum computing can bring in advancing technological development for its customers and partners. As part of this initiative, we intend to continue organizing workshops with experts from each field to facilitate discussions and knowledge exchange on various quantum applications.
"These workshops reflect our commitment to making quantum computing technology applicable to various industries. By working with experts from both the industry and academia to explore the potential of quantum computing, we aim to catalyse technological advances that will ultimately benefit our customers, the wider scientific community, and the society as a whole," said Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys.
QunaSys looks forward to further collaboration with experts in the field and to continuing its efforts to organize cross-functional discussions on various quantum applications, fostering an environment of shared learning and discovery.


Category: News
Category: News
Year: 2024