QunaSys QPARC Challenge: Quantum Information & Chemistry Global Hackathon

QunaSys Inc., is a leading company in developing quantum computing chemistry algorithms focused on accelerating the development technology applicability.

With the goal to develop quantum algorithms that are essential for the adoption of quantum computers, QunaSys held the QPARC Challenge Global Hackathon focused on quantum information and chemistry.

The challenge took place online from May 6th to June 3rd, with almost 200 participants from 38 countries. The winners, from the TU Delft in the Netherlands and Kyoto University in Japan, proposed an algorithm to design complex molecular qubits and improving VQE accuracy for H4 molecules.

QPARC Challenge participants proposed innovative algorithms on the fields of quantum information and quantum chemistry which they tested using QamuyTM, a powerful, yet easy to use, quantum computing cloud service software platform to simulate quantum computing.  The applications were evaluated by a jury of quantum computing experts by professor Fujii of Osaka University and other experts in quantum information and quantum chemistry from the University of Strasbourg, Osaka University, Toyota Central R&D, and Panasonic Holdings Corporation.

Five finalists were shortlisted and had the opportunity to present to QPARC, a 50+ member quantum computing industry consortium. One winner was selected for each field and won a $5000 cash prize plus free license of Qamuy™.

Stay tuned for the upcoming six-month Global Grand Challenge starting in the summer of 2022 where you can propose algorithms to solve more drastic problems. Details will be posted on our website soon. We look forward to receiving your applications!

About QunaSys Inc.

QunaSys is the world's leading developer of innovative algorithms in chemistry focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology applicability. QunaSys enables maximization of the power of quantum computing through its advanced joint research that addresses cutting-edge technologies providing Qamuy™, the most powerful quantum chemical calculation cloud software; fostering development of collaboration through QPARC industry consortium; and working with research institutions from academia and government. QunaSys software runs on multiple technology platforms with applicability in all chemical-related industries to boost quantum computing adoption.


Qamuy is a quantum computing cloud-based software development tool. It maps chemistry problems to quantum algorithms that can be run on a simulator environment or on quantum computers, all this without requiring any quantum computing knowledge. Qamuy’s API has over 3.3 million calls and is used by 60+ companies. It works in conjunction with existing industry chemistry tools.


QPARC Quantum Applicability Research Consortium is an industry community that collaborates to discover the possibilities of quantum computing applied to applied chemistry. Companies get ready for quantum computing through a series of lecture courses and use-case development activities targeted to industrial engineers and researchers that are at the forefront of material development.

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