QURI / Web application to easily perform quantum calculations

QURI is a web service that performs quantum chemical calculations using quantum algorithms. It allows users to experience calculations without expertise in quantum algorithms.

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QURI|Quantum Computational Web Software to expand the frontiers for beginners

QURI is a web application that allows users to easily perform quantum chemical calculations using quantum algorithms through an intuitive interface. By entering the same structural and electronic state information as in conventional classical calculations, you can easily calculate energies and various physical properties using quantum chemical algorithms. By actually performing quantum chemical calculations with QURI, you can deepen your understanding of the features of quantum algorithms.

QURI Parts|Open source quantum computation library with convenience and freedom

QURI Parts provide the basic building blocks for assembling quantum algorithms into portable, high-performance Python code. QURI Parts are modular, extensible, platform-independent, and high-performance. For more information, please see this article. QURI Parts is available as OSS and can be used now.

QURI/QURI Parts Application

Those who want to know the current status of applications in quantum chemical computation

With QURI, you can easily perform quantum chemical calculations and learn about the current status of quantum chemical calculations as an application of quantum computers. Quantum chemical calculations are attracting attention as one of the applications of quantum computers. However, it is known that there are several issues to be solved for its application. By using QURI, you can see how these issues affect quantum chemical calculations with quantum algorithms.


QURI Parts を用いることで量子アルゴリズムによるアイデアの習得・試行を行うことができます。量子コンピュータの応用の実現には未だ多くの課題があります。 QURI Parts はこれらの課題の解決に寄与する量子アルゴリズムの開発・実装を簡便に行うことができます。 また、プラットフォーム非依存であるため、量子コンピュータのシミュレータや各種量子コンピュータ実機を用いて計算を実証することが可能です。


QunaSys では QURI / QURI Parts を用いた量子コンピュータの教育のサポートを行っています。QURI を中心に応用の現状を簡単にフォローいただく、QURI Parts を用いて基礎からしっかりと理解いただくなど、それぞれの目標設定に応じたコンテンツ利用をご提案することが可能です。