We propose a method to utilize small-sized quantum computers to solve large systems.

Prof. Fujii (QunaSys Chief Advisor), Assistant Prof. Mitarai (QunaSys CSO), Special Associate Prof. Mizukami (QunaSys Advisor) from Osaka University, and Dr. Nakagawa from QunaSys have devised a method called "Deep VQE" that enables computation on large systems by iteratively using small-size quantum computers. The preprint is now available as "Deep Variational Quantum Eigensolver: a divide-and-conquer method for solving a larger problem with smaller size quantum computers".



QunaSys launch of Quantum Practical Application Research Community (QPARC)

QunaSys Inc. proudly announces the launch of Quantum Practical Application Research Community (QPARC), under the support of both academic and industry players. The community aims to learn basic skills for quantum computing and explore the world’s first practical application in the field of quantum chemistry. We are now inviting industry members to excitedly participate in this big challenge.


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