Two QunaSys R&D Proposals Selected for the Strategic Innovation Program

This English press release is translated from the press release issued by QunaSys on 6 October, 2023 (local time). For the original, please click here.
Two research and development proposals by QunaSys have been selected for the third phase of the Strategic Innovation Program (SIP)1, "Promoting the Application of Advanced Quantum Technology Infrastructure to Social Issues" (hereafter referred to as the "Quantum Challenges"). QunaSys was the only start-up company among the companies and organizations whose R&D proposals were selected for the Quantum Challenges.

“Quantum Challenges” Call for Proposals Results (only available in Japanese)

The two selected proposals are related to the "Quantum Computing" subproject of the "Quantum Challenges" and will address the following topics:

QunaSys will also participate in the RIKEN-led R&D proposal "Establishment and Operation of a Testbed Using a Domestic Quantum Computer," which was selected for R&D theme 1) Establishment of an environment for using a quantum/classical hybrid testbed.

QunaSys has accompanied many partners in their efforts to implement quantum computing in society by providing a wide range of products and advanced collaborative research, from research and development of algorithms to engineering for practical applications. With the selection of our R&D proposal for the quantum challenge, QunaSys will make concerted efforts to further accelerate the industrial use of quantum computing in Japan and abroad.


  1. The Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) is a national program to realize science and technology innovation through cross-ministerial and cross-disciplinary management by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, which exercises a command post function. In the third phase of the SIP, which runs from fiscal year 2023 to fiscal year 2027, the project aims to "promote social implementation not only from the perspective of technology, but also from the perspective of business, systems, social acceptability, and human resources2," and to "actively promote the participation of startups2." The proposed budget for FY2023 is 28 billion yen for 14 issues to be addressed over 5 years.
  2. Excerpt from the page 2 of the Strategic Innovation Program (SIP) Overview (Japanese only,


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