QunaSys Raises $10M in its Series B Funding Led by VGI to Expand Overseas Markets Further as a Japan-Based Quantum Computer Software Startup

QunaSys Inc. (“QunaSys”), one of the world's leading developers of innovative algorithms in chemistry focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology applicability, has announced today that it has raised $10 million in its series B funding stage the led by JIC Venture Growth Investments (“VGI”), with participation from ANRI, Fujitsu Ventures Fund LLC, Global Brain, HPC Systems Inc., JST SUCCESS Program, MUFJ Capital, Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited, and Zeon Corporation. Simultaneously, QunaSys has announced that it has come to an agreement with Zeon Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, and HPC Sytems Inc. for a capital tie-up and a business alliance. The investment means an important progress for QunaSys since the previous financing in 2019.


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PsiQuantum and QunaSys Partner to Advance Industrial Chemistry and Materials Science through Quantum Computing

PsiQuantum and QunaSys, Inc. ("QunaSys") today announced a joint research project to assess the power of fault-tolerant quantum computing for industrial chemistry calculations aimed at accelerating the development of sustainable materials. JSR Corporation ("JSR") of Japan joined the project as an alpha customer and will evaluate quantum computing for advancements in the manufacture of photoresists, elastomers, plastics, and reagents.


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